Here is a slide show that was presented at the IB Conference of the Americas in 2010…

Who Gets to Be a Global Citizen?

It is in PDF format and the above link comes directly from the IBO website. If it is ever not available from there, you can still download it from the link below as we’ve put it on our own servers.

The presentation highlights the political agenda of the global citizenship which is currently being promoted by UNESCO through the IB program.

Redistribution of the wealth, the ‘climate crisis’, and interdependence are the overarching political themes.

Is this what you want for our kids in MVSD? Should they be concentrating on propagandizing for government remedies for global problems overseas or learning real science, knowledge, facts, and skills for their own individual benefit and support later in life? Taking care of themselves, now THAT alone would be a worthy goal.

Who Gets to Be a Global Citizen 2010