Teachers are finally waking up to the fact that IB is nothing more than an indoctrination program that has little to do with academic standards. Proponents still spew the talking points which make NO sense.

“Bill Gaudelli said IB is necessary in an increasingly global world, and he noted that hundreds of private schools in the country offered it. “I applaud the district for having the courage to take it on.” He said that IB has much to offer and that teachers had to commit to making it successful.

Johanna Wright said she was originally a proponent of IB but no longer was. “Teachers are saying it’s not working. If we don’t listen to teachers we are spiraling into the abyss. Let’s put on the brakes.””

Perhaps some awareness is coming about?

“Referring to Gaudelli’s comments about IB being crucial to developing global citizenship among students, Bennett pointed out that while internationalism was important, there are other ways to incorporate that into the curriculum. “IB doesn’t hurt, but it’s no substitute for knowledge.””

IB is, we agree, a whole lot of nothing.

“IB is confusing. No one understands how IB will help the struggling learner. The planning tool is difficult to understand and use. IB is taking away from other professional development topics. Confusing directions from principals, supervisors and coaches have led to misunderstandings.”

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