HB 1508, which would have terminated Common Core in NH, went down in defeat on the NH House floor today.

Many parents came out to greet Representatives today in support of HB 1508. But NH parents and the taxpayers, were ignored.

Here is a list of the 17 GOP legislators that voted AGAINST parents and AGAINST HB 1508. The federal government has no right to impose these types of mandates upon local governments in the first place, even if not considered to be as questionable as Common Core certainly is. Have these ‘conservatives’ read the Constitution!?

These 17 Republicans voted to continue subjecting our teachers to having to use bogus teaching philosophies and methods, and our students to dumbed-down academics and fads, intrusive government snooping and data collection policies, and the indoctrination agenda of the radical, far-left loonies that have taken over public education in the United States.

Read who voted with the destroyers of public education…

Further, this is the kind of SMUT Bill Duncan and his minions would have our children subjected to under Common Core…

Video: http://vimeo.com/88920903