Public schools should be loosened from the grip of federal and state government and given back to local control.

Charter schools are not the answer either. Why? Because if they take ONE CENT of taxpayer money, they too will be under the control of the feds.

Think of it this way…

The government gives your private school money.

Your private school gets hooked on the government money.

The government attaches strings to the money and starts regulating your private school because it uses public funds.

Your private school deteriorates into a public school.

They raise your taxes to make up for funding lost by public schools due to funding the school vouchers.

You end up where you started. But you’re paying more money and there are no independent private schools left.

The Internet is going to take over education so don’t worry so much about the schools.

Taking voucher money is the same as selling out your freedom to the government. It just makes them stronger and gives them more control over you.