Project-based learning is a fad and a failure and yet, they have been pushing it on teachers for YEARS. Common Core “handlers” will be pushing this in the classroom even if parents want no part of it.

Three math teachers were fired at Mt. Tamalpais High and the principal has refused to give reasons. Of significance, is the high school is using project-based learning as part of a New Tech High program they have bought from a “vendor”. New Tech High also opened in Nipomo, and there are several others in California. Apparently, the math department at Mt. Tam HS wasn’t going along with project-based learning and the three newest teachers were fired.

“In light of the action, a number of parents have been critical of the district administration, accusing Superintendent Kimbrel and Assistant Superintendent Michael McDowell, a former New Tech teacher and consultant, of doing little to inform them about New Tech and the effect its use of technology and project-based learning could have on their children.”

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