Merrimack Valley School District is known for wasting taxpayer money on programs like the International Baccalaureate Program.

Now they want to extend 1/2 day kindergarten to FULL day kindergarten. WHY? To try to meet the Common Core Standards.

Taxpayers will be asked to FUND full-day kindergarten on the UNPROVEN Common Core Standards.

First, they decide taxpayers should fund a United Nations values-based program (IB) that does nothing to help students academically, and now they want to ask taxpayers to fund full day kindergarten based on the as of yet unproven Common Core standards.

Here is the info on the upcoming meetings in the district:

Thursday January 2nd 6:30pm Boscawen Elementary
Monday January 6th 6:30pm Penacook Elementary
Wednesday January 8th 6:30pm Louden Elementary
Thursday January 9th 6:30pm Webster Elementary
Thursday January 9th 7:30 pm Salisbury Elementary

For more info: call the principal

DEMAND that they provide these things:

1) Studies that show going from 1/2 day to FULL day kindergarten has any benefit on children. (MAKE SURE THEY ARE INDEPENDENT STUDIES)

2) Psychologists who support the standards as developmentally appropriate

3) Provide a Cost/Benefit analysis

4) Studies that show Common Core improves academic achievement

Let them know that there are Psychologists who have testified in New York that these standards are developmentally inappropriate for children. This idea that a KINDERGARTEN-aged student can “think” abstractly is opposite of what the psychologists are saying.

Studies that show Head Start makes no difference:

If parents allow this, the next push will be pre-K and home visits that go along with them.