The government’s vision for education includes spying on teacher who do not comply with the ‘best practices’ advocated in various federal programs that reflect the philosophies and ideas of those consultants to whom they have paid exorbitant amounts of your tax dollars.

In article by Danette Clark we read:

“In these videos, educators’ teaching styles are monitored by real-time cameras in every classroom and evaluated on the use of specific points of instruction. It goes without saying that dictating specific teaching strategies makes for big problems, especially if those strategies are used for indoctrination purposes. Just look to Texas for testimony of teachers that say they were reprimanded and threatened with dismissal if they failed to teach in the exact manner directed by CSCOPE.”

Indeed many teachers in the New England area have already endured this type of treatment, for example, when mandates were handed down NOT to teach handwriting, phonics or spelling, or to curtail severely the use of books and paper or teacher-led instruction.

Further Clark states, “Pearson also confirms (again) Common Core’s global agenda as students are shown participating in ‘global learning’ activities resembling Model UN lesson activities. Pearson is an active supporter of Model United Nations, a program that has increased in popularity among more liberal school districts in recent years.”

It is not just liberal district who have embraced the “UN is our government” philosophy. In New Hampshire Bedford is one of the state’s most conservative towns and it has allowed this in their high school.

“Pearson’s vision for the future also entails teachers and school administrators having instant access to an individualized schedule on each student – not just an in-school/class schedule, but a schedule of the student’s activities and whereabouts outside of school.”

This is beginning to look a lot like the dossier-based records kept on students in North Korea and Communist China. Teachers will be subject to this too, indeed some have already, and all academic freedom will be lost.

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