From the Missouri Education Watchdog we read that teachers are invited to a workshop to hone up on their social studies skills.

St. Louis is hosting the National Council for the Social Studies annual conference in November 2013. Its emphasis will be on aligning Social Studies lessons with ELA Common Core standards.

But wait… what are some of these titles intended to teach? Hold on to your hat…

Susan B. Anthony’s Trial, Social Justice and Common Core Connections
Teachers will use primary sources from Susan B. Anthony’s trial for illegally voting in the 1872 presidential election to make Common Core connections and teach students to work for social justice.

Creating Global Citizens
New Global Citizens helps teachers to build students’ Global I.Q. through project-, problem- and inquiry-based learning, digital literacy, Common Core connections, and leadership training.

Missing Muslim Heroes: Inspiring Stories You Haven’t Heard
Their biographies grace few library shelves, but humanitarian Muslims like Abdelkader embody our deepest values and provide role models for us all alike (as well as great Common Core readings).

Raising Children to be Global Citizens Takes a Village
Foster globally interconnected citizens by organizing service learning community projects while meeting the challenges of the Common Core Standards to ensure initiative and independence in young adults is mastered.

Common Core Literacy and Inquiry Strategies to Investigate Climate Change
This workshop helps teachers scaffold core literacy strategies tied to the Common Core Standards to deeply engage their students with the topic of climate change.

From Montgomery to Soweto: Achieving Social Justice through Economics
Secondary Level-High School, Economics – Using the Montgomery bus boycott and anti-apartheid efforts in South Africa as examples, this session highlights how principles of economics can be applied to achieve social justice.

Presenters: Amy Hennessy, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA, US; Lesley Mace, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta- Jacksonville Branch, Jacksonville, FL, US

The illegal Federal Reserve is now being allowed to poison our children???

Poster Session-Teaching the U.S. Constitution: The Founders and Social Justice
Civics & Government, Secondary Level-High School – James Madison Fellows will share challenging, innovative, teacher-developed lessons using best-practice instructional strategies and standards engaging students in studying and evaluating constitutional principles such as justice and the general welfare.

We can imagine this one will do its best to corrupt the constitutional meaning of ‘general welfare’ to mean more taxes and more welfare.

Project Soapbox: Empowering Students to Speak Up for Social Change
Civics & Government, Secondary Level-High School – In this interactive workshop, participants will explore strategies to empower students to identify and speak out on issues they care about as a first step toward creating sustainable policy change.

Poster Session-Stand. Speak. Act.
Civics & Government, Secondary Level-High School- Transform your classroom into an emotionally safe environment geared to deliberate controversial topics so students will be prepared to challenge global injustice and promote the common good.

More socialism?

Children’s Literature: Using UDHR as a Framework for Developing Elementary Social Justice Lessons
Civics & Government, PreK-Elementary – This session addresses social justice and political rights and opportunities using the Universal Declaration of Human Rights framework. Identification of problems and remedies using children’s literature and collaborations are presented.


Poster Session-Examining the Egyptian Arab Spring through Hip-Hop
Middle Level-Jr. High School, Global Connections- Transcend traditional media in your current issues class! This poster highlights the use of hip hop and popular Egyptian music to explore Arab Spring and current issues in Egypt. – Omar Hafez, Kafr el Sheikh University, Kafr el-Sheikh, , EG; Ryan Knowles, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, US; Jennice McCafferty-Wright, University of Missouri and North Callaway R-1 Schools, Columbia, MO, US

“Regrounding” Social Justice through the Rule of Law
Civics & Government, Middle Level-Jr. High School- To prepare students to challenge injustice and promote the common good, we must “reground” America’s core beliefs through the rule of law: the foundation for equality, fairness, and social justice.

Hint: “Rule of Law” suggests the Constitution and here is a blatant attempt to re-interpret it.

Gateway to Diplomacy: Middle School Model UN, Building Negotiation and Compromise!
Learn the benefits of implementing Model UN and including Common Core curriculum in your school for the purpose of debate, resolution writing, and interpersonal skills in a cooperative learning environment.

Compromise indeed. How about a model US Congress? The Constitution? Academics? Math? Classical literature?

Still don’t think your kids are being used as political mules? If this nonsense is being taught to your child, it’s time to replace every single school board member in your town…

Read the full article for more absolutely SHOCKING information…