Still not convinced the UN’s goal for education is to create the belief that they are the world’s highest governing authority, even over individual national sovereignty?

Well then look at this. This is but a fraction of the group’s missives, declarations, resolutions and ‘soft law’, much of which has already worked its way into our system.

This was before Common Core, Reform, IB, or any other OBE style program promoted to the educational community.

“Increasing global interdependence is placing new demands on education to prepare students for this new reality as members of an increasingly interconnected world as “global citizens”. This raises debates and questions on the essentiality to add a multicultural dimension to the teaching and learning methods of education in the global era. The importance of Education For Global Interdependence (E4GI) lies in not only providing students opportunities to have better understanding of the current global issues and its impact at both local and global levels, but also in equipping them with knowledge, skills, values and attitudes needed to be active and reflective global citizens with a common future vision to maintain a sustainable world of peace, justice and equality for all.”

Are you sure the UN’s ‘attitudes and values’ are those you want your children to hold?

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