This letter to the editor demonstrates the dissatisfaction that parents everywhere are experiencing with IB. The more parents learn about this program, the less they like it.

Dear Editor,

As a parent and taxpayer, I have been investigating and researching IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization) since Sept ’09.

I saw “IB” on the school calendar and did not know what it was. I discovered most people I’ve spoken with do not know either. Administrators say they have been very informative and open about this process, but my research finds there is a definite pattern whereby the IB curriculum implementation in schools around the Country, attempts to remain under the radar as long as possible. IBO’s curriculum has been in play in the Monticello School District for approximately 3 years. Watch for the IB debut in neighboring districts.

The IB curriculum is a UN (United Nations) UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural Organization) inspired and endorsed program, being sold to schools across the country (under 700 currently). All student tests and papers are owned by IBO in Europe. This effectively blocks parents from seeing their child’s essays or tests.

These schools are required by IBO to teach the beliefs and values of UNESCO, that are… one world government, world citizenship, redistribution of wealth, disarmament, and it continues. This is the intentional dumbing down of our children to ready them for a “global society” in order for them all to be on the same level with each other. At the PYP level, IB is implemented in the entire school. There is no choice but the IB themes imposed upon the curriculum.

Your child at the PYP level (primary year’s program), MYP level (middle year’s program) and DP (diploma program) are all taught IBO principles and values all day, every day. This is NOT education, it is INDOCTRINATION. This, without a doubt, takes away from the ABCs and the 123s which are taught in the AP (advanced placement) program. The IB program is extremely controversial and is being disputed across the USA. School administrators won’t tell you any of this. If they do allude to it, they will sugar-coat it.

Do you, as parents, taxpayer’s, and American’s want the UN teaching our youth THEIR beliefs and values? The UN promotes, SOCIALISM, not FREEDOM, certainly not our God-given rights as AMERICANS under our CONSTITUTION, which IBO would like to see disappear. They do not care for our Constitution, and by indoctrinating our children, would undermine it.

There are at least two schools, King Fahad Islamic School in the UK and the Islamic Saudi School in Fairfax, Virginia under great scrutiny for anti-American and anti-Judeo/Christian teachings. The Director General, Jeff Beard awarded IB authorization to the schools in 2008, and is okay with the teachings which have strong anti-Semitic content.

On another note, this program is one of the most expensive, if not THE most expensive on the market. It is about $200,000 (U.S. average cost) per annum per school. Why pay this when AP has a much lower cost, has no political agenda and has college creditworthiness.

This information is all well documented. Please see IBO.ORG and decide if this is what we need in the USA and our schools. For the real story, please go to, TRUTH ABOUT IB. See also, PARENTS HAVE RIGHTS. There are many informative links on these sites.

We are all aware of looming school closings and their dire financial situation, but we must not allow the continued stealth implementation of IB into the school district. Let us demand a full accounting of the funds already spent by the Administration (Pat Michel, District Superintendent) on their march to a curriculum of INDOCTRINATION OF OUR CHILDREN and the future cost of continuing this garbage. Perhaps this reckless spending is partially responsible for the financial problems now faced by our schools.

IBO requires schools to insure that they will be able to FULLY FUND the IB curriculum. The Board of Ed is in turn, LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE to require a financial guarantee from the IB supporters that their funds will continue past a single school year.

It will be interesting to see if IBO’s “authorizations” of new IB schools can outpace the number of schools dropping the curriculum across the Country.

There is no proof other than from IBO, that this curriculum is beneficial in any way, unless you hold to their values and beliefs. This curriculum is anti-American and not educational. You need not have children to understand this. If this assault on our schools continues, America as you know it will cease to exist forever. Only you can teach your child to be AMERICAN.

~ Bill Croissant Jr.