Students Database to Be Used in a Similar Manner to the IB Learner Profile
This email is from a parent concerned about how the “learner profile” is, and will be used … and we present it here, generally unedited.

This is a follow up of the information on Bill Gates massive database filled with our kids’ information. This additional article below titled “Education Department Leaks Student Data” matters because they admit in it they are invading the privacy of millions of students for a study on the MIND.

That is exactly how the IB operates. As it sits, ALL schools continue to go way TOO far into PERSONAL information that they have NO right to ask of our kids. But the IB Program is the finely tuned master of this deception and manipulation of a child’s mind. If our kids are NOT taught what they should NOT do in school they will be handing critical data over during CLASS for this psychological profile filled database because this is when they hit them up for it. Of course they are NOT telling parents about this because they know parents would object. The only way I have found these things out is when my kid has come home to tell me what they tried to get her to “share” about very personal parts of her life that they had NO business to even be asking her about. See how they are using state testing to gather even more data for these psychological PROFILES. Remember they were busted for doing this with the SAT testing as well and I have seen it nonstop in a majority of applications for scholarships.

This severe invasion into our child’s mindset by the use of psychological manipulations and “testing” is why there is NO time for the focus to be on academics because this entire system is being transformed into one massive clinical trial for child psychiatry.

You bet it is a CRIME to do this to our children. But when your own government has made it their JOB to spy on us, and strip our freedoms, instead of butting out of our lives and protecting our freedoms, it should come as no surprise to see the equally unconstitutional “federal” department of education doing the same exact thing to our kids. Where do we think they are getting their marching orders from? It sure as heck isn’t coming from the parents who pay taxes that pay their salaries!

Indeed, see how they use the excuse that they are doing this for researcher who hope to glean secrets of the human MIND? Do they really want to know a SECRET about the MIND? How about this one… NO two minds ever think or react the same exact way unless those two minds are under total control due to severe psychological manipulation. Ironically this is the exact goal of using psychiatry to indoctrinate our kids and it is the exact reason why we see these psychological tests everywhere we look today.

After fighting the incessant invasion into my child’s mindset by the UN’s treasonous IB school I can tell you all about the future our kids are facing because this is the exact path Obama is going to try to take the entire country down. It is a path in which each child will be given a series of psychological reviews instead of academic reviews. They will place the results in a file and they will call this psychological file a “Learner Profile”. They will make parents think this is a GREAT tool and they want them to believe this will help the child learn. It’s all LIES because what those test and assignments consist of is delving deep into the mindset of that kid with the sole intent to destroy whatever beliefs they have that are NOT beliefs that coincide with the UN agendas. They have perfected this diabolical IB program down to a perfected art of deception in which they are able to indoctrinate a majority of the parents first. Therefore if you find yourself objecting to this insanity of replacing an education with an indoctrination those other parents become the henchmen who will try to force you into silence. Indeed, I was in those trenches WAY too long and I saw what I believed to be very intelligent parents fight for the IB to the bitter end of the destruction of their own kids. I also saw the truth in how hardcore they can get when you tell them to back OFF and you make them stick with academics and get the heck out of your child’s mindset and out of your personal life.

They never managed to get the “Learner” profile they wanted on my kid but I am sure those nuts have a very long dossier on her mother because I refused to back down every time they dared to try to go into areas they had no business in. It caused me problems in my marriage too because my husband is one who does not like to make waves and he just tries to get along. When it comes to the mindset of your kid and you see they are using very dangerous and deceptive psychological tools of manipulation you do not step back and just hope for the best. My daughters close friends who are still in the IB are now avowed atheists, they eat up ALL of the UN agendas that attack our real freedoms, and they hate THIS country… several are fragmented from their own mothers and fathers because the IB made sure to make them think their parents were idiots too. THAT IS the path they wanted to also take my kid. That is the path they want to take all our kids. It is a path that leads to divided families and a greatly damaged country. I’ll tell you this right now…I do not care what unconstitutional laws they pass, I do not care what unconstitutional acts they pass, my kids are MY kids. Instead of hoping they will not be harmed by this system of using psychiatry as a weapon against their innocent minds I taught them how to protect themselves from it.

Indeed, nothing good has EVER come out of psychiatry. They have now built this entire country around this quite dangerous but provable system of FRAUD. Psychiatry is all based upon collectivizing entire groups of society with preconceived notions of how they expect these people will behave and then inserting controls in order to change their behavior to their desired end results. Of course when they are doing all they can to control the mindset and the behavior they leave out free will and that is their Achilles heel.

These theories of how they think all people who fit their contrived “profiles” will behave are just as asinine as gun control advocates are when they are inane enough to think criminals will follow the laws of this land…these psychiatrist believe psychopaths will be HONEST on their bogus psychological reviews. Think again, if an individual is one who never follows the rules and they are set on committing a crime they are not going to be honest about it on some psychological test to get a job, to get a gun, to work in a school, or to babysit our kids. That is the truth about the so-called “mystery” of the human mind that these sell outs are working so hard to make sure the public never contemplates.

We see it everywhere don’t we? Psychiatry has infested this entire country. From bogus police profiles of how a serial killer is supposed to act, to bogus profiles of what a patriot or veteran is supposed to act like, to bogus profiles of what kids from parents who drink are supposed to act like, to bogus profiles on how much a child can achieve in academics based upon a test that is evaluating them with psychiatry…on down the line they have inserted psychiatry in our lives to the point that jobs are on the line, careers are on the line, custody of kids are on the line, gun ownership is on the line, …our very freedoms are on the line which was the real goal all along. Free thinking “individuals” cannot be controlled in large groups. That is why psychiatry is taking front and center stage in “education.”

I suggest all American who care about this country take the time to learn about the IB because all of the progress we have made to kick them out is about to be reversed by our own Anti-American president. The Truth About IB is the best site there is to get everyone fully abreast of what this really means for our country. These “Learner profiles” are exactly what these nuts are trying to pull off in this database filled up with all our kids personal information. That information will be a GOLD MINE for the nuts of the UN. See where it leads to and understand why it has got to stop. Remember The Wood Foundation is the exact organization that is pushing for vaccine clinics to be in ALL schools. All of these treasonous nuts are working together to destroy our kids instead of helping them. To add salt to the injury they are using our own tax dollars to get away with it.


Arne Duncan’s Plan to use IB for Systemic Reform – 2007
Using the IB for Systemic Reform in North America
Arne Duncan, Superintendent of Chicago Public Schools, and Dennis Cochrane, Deputy Minister of Education for the Province of Nova Scotia, will expand on their panel discussion of the introduction of the IB throughout each of their school districts.

So how did Arne Duncan help IBO to “enact” this plan? 


Like something out of a bad Kafka novel, it may seem hard to believe, but Truth About IB is going to report it here first – due to the courageous and diligent efforts of Stanley Kurtz, the release of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge expenditure file reveals that money was allocated to the Beverly/Morgan Park IB MYP in 1997-1999, the years when Barry Obama and Bill Ayers served on the CAC Board. (Box 5,6)

In the linked article, Mr. Kurtz describes the “type” of educational reforms Obama and Ayers funded for Chicago’s public school children:

This irrefutable evidence of funding of the IB program by an unrepentant domestic terrorist and IBO’s willingness to accept the money, speaks volumes about the organization’s integrity and ideology. If you look further into the Annenberg disbursements, you will find the South Side Community Network. This caught TAIB’s attention because IBO seems to have a thing for U.S. schools with South Side in the name. A quick search of this “network” turns up the Woods Foundation:

Please form your own opinion as to the legitimacy and goals of this “charitable fund”. The lines and paper trails become extremely blurred at this point when trying to differentiate between what constitutes a “community organizer”, an “educational non-profit” a “network”, a “Challenge” or a “Fund”. The ONE thing that binds them is a radical left-wing philosophy.

Even the left-leaning CNN released a segment on the Obama/Ayers/Annenberg collaboration.
Note the reference to the Peace School with the United Nations curriculum.


“…the school district and teachers worked together to close down a large, low-performing high school and open 6 new small schools to let parents and students choose between schools that focus on the arts or on technology, offer an International Baccalaureate (IB) program, or focus on workplace internships or world languages.”

We just saw the great culling of the educational system is continuing in Chicago.

Obama’s Education Reform Fact Sheet

Chicago To Shut Down 54 Schools

Citing budget concerns and falling enrollment, Chicago Public Schools officials announced Thursday they plan to close 54 schools next year and shut down 61 school buildings — the largest single wave of school closures in U.S. history. To soften the blow for students at closing schools, the district said it is adding 13 new special science programs, five International Baccalaureate programs, air conditioning and fine arts classes in 19 of the schools where these students will be sent.

Just remember the way the IB operates is always under the radar. When they admit they have 5 IB schools for those kids that means 5 operational IB schools that are already under the UN control, it does not include all the schools where they are trying to shove in the IB application before the public gets wind of what this really means for their kids and their wallets. Nor does it include all the militarized schools Obama and his cohorts in crime already ushered into Chicago. This matters because they have indeed created the crisis and now they have to sell the public on why these IB schools are so much “better” for their kids.

It’s heartbreaking but it is NOT unstoppable. Parents have to get truly informed to understand what we are up against. No matter what… please remember to teach your kid about their rights to refuse to answer ANY personal questions. I always taught my daughter to tell them this… “You need to ask my Mom about that because it is personal information and she would want to talk to you about it first.” You’d be surprised at how that stops these teachers in their tracks because they know that kid is 1.) Going to go home to tell their parent how the teacher was going where they had no business going, and 2.) It makes them stop and think they can be held accountable for what they were trying to do with that kid behind the parents back. I would call them or come to the school the next day and personally confront them about getting out of line with NON-academic related invasions into my child’s life. They did not want to see me again so they had no problems giving her alternative assignments and skipping the psychological reviews. That is what they want the whole country to face…tell me how many parents even know what is going on IN our schools today? Further, how many parent will see the threats of these psychological reviews? I can attest from my own personal experience a very slim margin of parents will even question it much less stand up and make them back off.

That is why this information needs to be shared because I have faith that IF more parents knew what was going on far more WILL stand up and kick these nuts out of our schools while also preventing new IB schools to have the opportunity to even get started. We have to look at this in terms of stopping it now or facing a huge army of indoctrinated civilians (former IB students) who will be battle ready for the UN against our own people. Obama’s use of his brown shirt cadets from his Chicago indoctrination centers (that he used for his first campaign) were just a glimpse of what they are doing TO kids IN these schools and how they plan to use them across the country for the UN against the US.

Related: Annenberg is in NH – This article was written by a teacher who founded an national educational research group. Further, it contains links to a story by another NH education researcher who tells of actually attending the session with the “Annenberg Change Agent”.