Find out what happened when residents and officials asked for more transparency about the IB program in Merrimack Valley — they were met with a barrage of profanity.

MVSD IB Program Lacks Transparency

Addendum: In one of the comments under the article, a person named “Bruce Currie” insists that these complaints about IB were not coming from the teachers themselves. This is FALSE. The reason attention was brought to the program in the first place to local and national researchers was that the TEACHERS of MVSD approached them for help on how best to expose this while still remaining anonymous.

Further, when the Concord Monitor was asked to print the information that had been going back and forth between one of those activists that the teachers had contacted and Ms. Carey, they refused. It is too bad that those emails cannot be made public… perhaps in the future they might be.

Read more about that here: International Baccalaureate Scandal Continues