The UN’s Obscene Wealth
And how they use it against you

Many people will scoff at the idea that the UN has any money or power to accomplish much of anything.

The sad fact is, the UN collects and spends billions of dollars, some of it your tax dollars. They then use this money to take away your rights and freedoms and brainwash your children by their very influence in the public schools, not just in the IB program. They employ 9,000 people in NY alone. Their websites contain millions of documents containing all their plans and directives for each country, and all its citizens.

In an article that told about the recent hurricane damage to the UN building in NYC, we learned that the UN building was undergoing a $1.9 BILLION dollar renovation project that had gone over budget by $400 MILLION.

The UN is certainly the most dangerous organization to the freedoms we hold dear in the United States.