UN Globalization of Our Public Schools
By Susanne Posel with commentary from Bradley County News

“According to the UN Commission on Population and Development Conference, reconditioning of the thought process of the child are an imperative if there is to be a social shift of consciousness toward the acceptance of globalization.”

“This anti-American and anti-Christian doctrine is designed to teach American students to focus on ‘humanism, redistribution of wealth, and is very big on pluralism and that all religions are equal.’”

September 18, 2012

This past weekend, thousands of public school teachers flooded a city park in Chicago to show their force to the union leaders and district representatives that had failed to come to an agreement that would end the walk-out that began last week.

According to negotiators, the issues involved in the protest are job security and union opposition.

As this conflict is being closely monitored by school districts and teachers across the nation, the implications for more possible disputes in other districts in different states are looming overhead.

For teachers in Wisconsin, Boston and Minnesota, this protest is worth having.

It is a clear message that the deterioration of our public school system will not be tolerated.

Globalization, under directives of the UN, has infiltrated our public school system in incremental stages which are now coming to a head – as evidenced with the strike in Chicago.

According to the UN Commission on Population and Development Conference ,reconditioning of the thought process of the child are an imperative if there is to be a social shift of consciousness toward the acceptance of globalization.

With the creation of the UNA-USA in 1964, pro-UN ideals have begun to infiltrate our societal memes through education and mobilization of Americans to support the principles of the UN which ultimately lead toward the acceptance of One World Government.

In public schools, this has manifested with the inception of the global classroom which has superseded our education programs focused on teaching about our Constitutional Republic to redirect our children’s attention to the ideals of globalization.

One example is the creation of the Model United Nations where students pretend to be UN ambassadors and debate UN agendas in a role playing exercise that is meant to inspire the idea that global governance is the future of the world’s nations.

Supported by the US Department of State, the global classroom has infiltrated more than 24 major cities public education system worldwide. Some of those cities are:

• Chicago Public Schools
• Kyung Hee University
• Lebanesse American University
• Mulberry School for Girls

At the University of Chicago’s Center for International Studies, globalization is being taught in order to “expose students to global issues, but also to empower them to think critically about their role as global citizens.”

In 2009, the ideals of globalization were inter-married with the public school system to educate students in Chicago about global issues over American ideology in order to prepare those young minds for a future where nationalism is destroyed as Agenda 21 eradicates borders and sovereign nations.

In the US there is a movement to restructure our cities into Agenda 21 megacities where private cars will be banned, forcing people to use high-speed mass transit, bicycles or simply walking to their destination.

Narrower streets and huge walls to separate the eco-city from the surrounding wildlife preserves will aid in controlling the temperature of the city.

In New York, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has initiated the construction of micro-apartment buildings in Kips Bay where 300 sq ft residences will be offered to New York residents under Agenda 21 stack ‘em and pack ‘em schemes.

Likewise, in San Francisco , 150 sq ft apartments are being built for the same purpose.

In Chicago, the reworking of public school curriculum is utilized to expand students’ knowledge of the equitable processes of the UN and therefore renegotiate politics and geo-political concepts under UN mandates for the benefit of the unification of all individual nations into the cradle of a One World Government.

Mainstream media would have the social conversation turn toward how Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is handling the teacher’s strike. There are implications planted that this outcome will impact Obama’s re-election campaign.

The introduction of the International Baccalaureate Curriculum,(IBC) with UN funding, became operational in more than 1,000 public schools across America.

This anti-American and anti-Christian doctrine is designed to teach American students to focus on “humanism, redistribution of wealth, and is very big on pluralism and that all religions are equal.”

The purpose of the IBC is to devise “world schools” beginning in the US and expanding into other industrialized nations.

Having been founded in Switzerland in 1968, this standardized curricula was devised to create global diplomats of all school age children.

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) provides funding for IBC under-cover of being a partner. A Continuum of International Education states that education is only worth having to create “citizens of the world” with “universal human values”.

These values are based on the UN Declaration of Human Rights as well as the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child.

Basic educational skills that facilitate independent thought, reasoning, and deduction (such as reading, math and science) are being replaced with exploratory problems “concerning the weather, environmental protection, conservation, and energy” with a great emphasis of the global perspective, wealth redistribution and the differences between 1st and 3rd world countries.

The UN infiltration of our educational systems refer to pro-US beliefs and values as “American creed” where the capitalist system is confused with corporatism and condemned as an evidence of all that is wrong with the world where American is portrayed as a grossly wealthy nation who benefits from the expense of poorer nations.

Obama’s support of this curriculum is clear with the adaptation of federal standards that force public schools to use these educational controls or lose their funding.

Both Obama and Biden have openly supported the International Baccalaureate program with federal funding beginning in 2008.

And this is where the Chicago Teacher’s Strike meets the globalization of our schools by the UN.

Under new mandates, public school teachers can be evaluated out of their employment without evidence of misappropriation within their classrooms.

Even if the teacher follows the controlled and imposed educational demands of these UN funded programs, they will not be secured in employment due to a central policy that education is for all and if a teacher holds a position for too long, they are keeping another educator unemployed.

Conclusion: Get your kids out of public schools.