One of the problems with IB is that parents who have been convinced that the UNESCO program is somehow superior to a strictly academic program are vicious when defending it. Our MVSD reporters have talked to numerous parents who will not speak out against IB in their own schools because of what they call… THE IB BULLIES. One IB parent verbally attacked a NH State Representative at the NH State House because she did not like the fact that legislators had plans to investigate this foreign program and its content and intentions.

An opponent of IB at Hayden Meadows School in Idaho said he has recently been contacted by roughly 20 Hayden Meadows families who claim that because they don’t support the PYP program, they have been intimidated by supporters of PYP, mainly parents he said, and some faculty. Hamilton would not identify the parents who have contacted him, saying they wish to remain anonymous because they feel they have been bullied and fear retribution if they speak out.

Hamilton said he personally opposes PYP because while it’s not a curriculum, it’s a teaching method that comes with a philosophy and with values embedded in it. And parents who want to send their children to their neighborhood school don’t have an opportunity to opt out of PYP, he said.(This is the case in MVSD)

“Its basic philosophy is contrary to my values,” Hamilton said. PYP teaches moral relativism, he said, describing it as the belief that other people can have different value systems and both be right. He said he and his wife raise their kids to believe in moral absolutes.

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