Here is a graphic log from a parent whose daughter is in the PYP at her public school. [You can click on each of the corresponding photo icons at the bottom for a larger view]

While her daughter is receiving little academic instruction, she’s getting plenty of instruction on how to become a political activist. She’s in 2nd grade and is most likely falling behind each year.

Note: ASSESSMENTS differ from TESTS. Tests will measure academic knowledge while “assessments’ will focus on whether the student has the right attitude, beliefs or values.

1) If your child is unfortunate enough to be in a PYP school — he or she might have brought one of these home with his or her report card last week. These “ASSESSMENTS” are a big waste of time and the school has no business promoting these values to our children, instead of teaching academics.

2) Coming from a district that is $3 million short… are they the best ones to be teaching us how to budget?

3) PYP “ASSESSMENTS” are to be filled out by the student each quarter. We guess this is supposed to be a confidence booster.

4) This was hanging up in the gym. The parent says she has never seen a school push something so hard. This focuses on changing attitudes vs focusing on teaching academics.

5) All things GLOBAL are embedded even in the simplest assignments. Not that there can’t be some fun time, but this district needs to step up their game on academic material. This is not challenging or rigorous material at all.

6) AGAIN, we see a focus on changing values, attitudes and beliefs vs academic excellence.

7) More evidence of values-based education. No focus on academic excellence.

8) Student Log: How are their values and attitudes changing per the IB PYP program? Nothing about how the student is acquiring academic knowledge. These logs are a way of assessing values and attitudes in the student.

9) Part of the U.N.’s Agenda 21 propaganda is ever-present in the PYP program.

10) Earth Day propaganda is also a big part of the PYP program.

11) Each grade fills out this form reflecting on what they learned from each planner. This is 2nd grade. The 4th grade teacher indicated there are more questions for her students. More Agenda 21 propaganda.

12) Young children are indoctrinated with an Agenda 21 political agenda on global warming. Scientists with PhDs haven’t come to any conclusive findings, yet through the PYP IB program, the elementary children are already supposed to have an opinion.

13) Calling on children to :ACT: Part of the PYP IB program is to get children to look at issues then act upon them, creating political activists on issues such as global warming.

14) How we create “Community Organizers” through the IB PYP program. First pick an issue… global warming… the reflect… then ACT.

The focus is to change attitudes and values, reflect on those values, then act upon them. This is public education via the IB PYP program. Note that this program is values-based (U.N. values) and does nothing to improve the academic knowledge of the students.

15) This was a 2nd grade YEAR LONG project of renting their desks. Needs/Wants. They earn $10/each Monday plus the money they earn in their other classes like art, music, etc. The cut off side says: WANTS – No Shoes, No Running the Track, $7 Seat Choice, Homework Pass. Sadly the 2nd graders do not know basic math yet they are trying to teach them to manage money. Agenda: Sharing the wealth.

16) Part of “Sharing the Planet” planner. Your child will participate in a Reuse Museum project. Students find an item at home they can reuse. Example: using a vegetable can to hold pencils. This project was given a TEST grade despite being a no-brainer, common activity that has been done before.

17) Here we see more focus on creating Community Organizers instead of teaching the kids basic academic skills. This was a 2-month project. Where are the science projects? Unfortunately, nowhere to be found.

From left to right, each graphic corresponds to a numbered item above.