Of all the schools, only Dundee has had a consistent year-over-year drop for five years.

“I know we will not get an honest analysis from this lame-duck administration. But after Freund leaves, the question remains whether the BOE, which has been hypnotized by Freund’s prestidigitation, will still try and push IB onto unwitting Greenwich taxpayers at a cost of millions to change curriculum and retrain teachers. The IB curriculum is education eye candy, with a powerful allure. It comes with buzzy words like “critical thinking” and “social-emotional learning.” It lets us all off the hook. Instead of teachers being held to performance standards and instead of parents told to read books to their children, it’s okay to let our kids sit in front of the tube and veg out. Vegging out is good. Self direction is good. Homework is bad.”

“After 10 years of IB at Dundee, no one should be surprised that reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic as a core curriculum has taken a back seat to some existential, amorphous social alchemy that is difficult to manage and impossible to measure. I am happy for Dundee parents who are pleased with their educational product, but let’s cut, cap and balance that decline in core academics before it infects the rest of the system.”

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