After watching this video we can only come to the same conclusions. The IB mandated curriculum is fraught with the UN’s political agenda. Except for the essays on tornadoes, every ‘project’ dealt with a social issue. Even in the case of the tornado project, children were not exploring the scientific aspects of the phenomenon, but the social impact of it.

All we see in each case is a display board with information on it for each ‘project’, and hear the children’s essays… We see no experiments, no demonstrations, no materials, no product to show the process of what they did or learned except for the propagandized outcomes influenced by UNESCO’s agenda.

Of course these areas of “interest” were pre-chosen by the IB-trained teachers and coordinators and are part of UNESCO’s Millennium Development goals. Children here are being used as political “mules”.

This “work” can hardly compare to the elaborate science experiments, dealing with real KNOWLEDGE, that happen in even regular first grade classrooms, let alone third grade classrooms.

Watch the video… children are learning to be UN propagandists.