Comments from a math teacher in an MYP IB middle school in Brockton, MA.

“Overall, the IB program has had a damaging impact upon our math program as shown by our declining standardized test scores. My students and I have managed to overcome the constraints of the IB system, and we have still done a satisfactory job with algebra.

One of the most annoying aspects of our implementation of IB has been the prohibitions against any and all dissent by either teachers or students. Teachers who express dissenting opinions are given disciplinary warnings and students who politely express dissenting opinions are threatened with the loss of privileges.

IB seems to be at odds with the First Amendment rights that Americans value. In the interest of protecting our kids from the impact of IB, I would be happy to discuss my experiences with anyone interested.”

As we have said before, teachers are the ones that make education happen no matter what constraints are put upon them. Sometimes they succeed and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they just need a job.