Another example of how IB schools use your children for political mules..

“Raising Awareness and Funds to Provide Water in Sudan” (an example, one of many, of how IB schools promote UNESCOs agenda)

“Students at Locust Valley Intermediate School are diving into a project that will help bring clean drinking water to a village in South Sudan. The project, sponsored in part by the Locust Valley Elementary Parents’ Council, has two main goals.

The first goal was to raise awareness of the importance of water as a finite natural resource on our planet and to promote water conservation practices locally. Students learned to check for leaky faucets, take shorter showers, and more. The second goal of the project was to raise funds that will go toward the digging of a well in a South Sudanese Village, allowing residents there to have clean drinking water for the first time in their lives.

Throughout the month-long project, students kept logs of their water conservation efforts and learned a new water fact each day during daily announcements. Shared facts included that water comes from many different sources such as reservoirs, wells, and springs, and that scientists are trying to discover if there is water on other planets. Students and staff wore blue wristbands to demonstrate their conservation efforts and sported blue clothing, laces, nails, and hair on Fridays during the project.

Organized by LVI librarian Anne Joyce, science teacher Caroline McBride, and computer lab teacher Maria Sidor, the project tied in with the curriculum. Ms. Joyce said the project has been a great success, enhancing the children’s education and awareness of global issues.

In order to raise funds, students, with the help of their families, redeemed recyclable bottles, paid 25 cents to paint a water cycle mural during recess, and sold car window decals which illustrated their support for the organization “Water for South Sudan.”

Two enterprising groups of students held bake sales, setting up tables with home baked goods in front Locust Valley Market and the Grenville Baker Boys and Girls Club.

A total of almost $2,000 has already been raised through these combined efforts. The inspiration for this project was the book “A Long Walk to Water” by award-winning author Linda Sue Park. It tells the story of the struggles of the South Sudanese people. The Locust Valley Elementary School Teachers as Readers book club had shared this story in the fall and felt compelled to work this issue into a unit of study and awareness for the LVI students.”