From a parent who attended her daughter’s PYP Exhibition night:

“It was information overload on bullying, kidnapping (3), homelessness (4) runaways, deforestations, air pollution, drug abuse, drugs, world hunger, poverty, natural disasters, animal abuse, abuse, hurricanes, tornadoes, disabilities, all very redundant needless to say! I was loaded down with brochures on each topic – and we strolled room to room, each plastered wall-to-wall with learner profiles, attitudes, etc… Each booth was set up with a posterboard and four kids presenting their topics.”

And later she said: “It was depressing hearing each group of kids throw out stats and websites from their internet research and plead for volunteers to help make a difference. What happened to spelling bees and history fairs? We are raising community organizers and children with no hopes or dreams – only wanting to fix the problems of the world by enabling. I do not appreciate my kids being used as agenda 21 agents.”

View the slide show here:

Whatever happened to the science fairs we used to have in the past? I remember seeing first graders learning about early flight (hot air balloons) and Bernoulli’s Principle, rocks and minerals, how butterflies hatch, the planets of the universe, etc. Now we see that these issues are all ‘social’ and are part of the agenda of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals for every country.

And you still think this is not political indoctrination?