From a parent of a 2nd grade PYP student:

“I send congrats to my 2nd grader’s class for winning the competition of learning all the 10 Spanish states. It saddens me they are not singing about the United States.

They are still counting fingers and toes to do simple math yet they have lots of time to spend memorizing Spanish states; this is for the Spanish class.

I will also lose two hours of my life to hear the various topics of the PYP Exhibition on Wednesday. (May 2012) I looked at my daughter’s script for her “poverty” topic. Basically it was helping a poor family by giving them a bag of supplies and sending an organization to help them. (They don’t tell the kids who has to pay for that bag of supplies) I told her this was basically putting a bandaid on the problem (by not) training this family how to break the cycle: work and finish school! Should make for an interesting evening if all the other projects have the same theme as hers…”