IB Parent:

“Since IB is an Official Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) of UNESCO and holds Special Consulting Status with UNESCO, it is easy to make the argument that IB is an affiliate organization of UNESCO. What most folks miss and what IB is careful not to directly advertise, is that IB is an integral part of the UN educational plan, with IB filing status reports on its involvement with efforts to “educate the world’s children” with regard to UN initiatives, whether it be poverty, social justice, economic equality, international disarmament, global warming or the movement to establish a global governing body to supersede the national governments of the world’s nations.

IB is billed as an advanced education model that will help failing schools improve and students succeed, while building cultural understanding and a well rounded student. What is not said is that as a parent and community you lose local influence into what your children are taught; according to IB’s program implementation documents the parent is not listed among the stakeholders that are so important to consider when running and evaluating the performance of the IB program in a school, while the global community is listed among those important stakeholders.

IB is a stealth indoctrination and re-education program meant to produce graduates that will desire, accept and adhere to the principles found in http://data.iucn.org/dbtw-wpd/edocs/EPLP-031-rev3.pdf

Here is a news article that explains the background a bit. http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/proposed-un-environmental-constitution-for-the-world-would-establish-an-incredibly-repressive-system-of-global-governance