How the UN Brainwashes Our Children By Invading Our Public Schools

In the article IB Elementary Students Helping Students in Schools Far Away we see that 9-year olds have taken a trip to Guatemala as part of their IB program.

With the IBO’s explicit requirement, stated in all their documents, that all subjects must be framed in terms of the IB ‘mission’ (which is the same as the UN’s mission), we now turn our attention to actual examples of how the IB enables the UN to use our children to deliver their agenda for them.

No one is arguing that helping others isn’t a noble or worthy cause, but should 9-year olds be made to be USED as UN ambassadors? Should they be asked to petition the government to redistribute the wealth as part of public school education? We all know people who are missionaries but they do this work as charity, through their churches or other voluntary organizations.

The United Nations would like all citizens of the world to be working for their agenda… and here is but one example.

In the photo below, you can see that the lesson is about government, why it was formed, and how it gets its money. But it goes further… From the title “Nets are Nice” it looks as if they are promoting mosquito nets to protect the Africans from malaria. It pictures people in Africa, mosquitoes, and an actual net hanging over the side of the display. It then asks, ‘how does government decide who to help and where to send money’? which clearly indicates the meat of the lesson is about the redistribution of our tax dollars overseas (vs the actual scientific study of how insects carry diseases in some countries for example).

The photo below is of an actual bulletin board in a third grade classroom in the MVSD.

One has to wonder if they took up a collection for the students to send their own money or nets to Africa to fulfill the ‘take action’ outcome resulting from the lesson?

Or, were they required to write letters to our government to ask THEM to send money to buy more nets as the ‘take action’ part of the ‘socially responsible’ behavior they are expected to demonstrate as an outcome of the lesson?

These ‘outcomes’ are decidedly political. This is how the UN delivers indoctrination of the students through the IB program. And our public schools are not only freely providing them the pathway, they are paying for it with our tax dollars.

An Actual Lesson From an IB Classroom in MVSD

Perhaps schools should stick to teaching kids knowledge of science and the skills of researching so that perhaps someday one might discover a way to keep malaria from infected all people and thus benefit the world with that information instead of making them mules for the UN’s pet projects.

Other examples of ‘taking action’ for the UN’s agenda… will be added ongoing.

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