The IB proponent on the following video freely admits that the IB program is not just a new learning method, but a ‘framework’ that includes highly politicized topics upon which children are asked to ‘take action’.

Some of the topics that she cites they cover as ‘bigger ideas’ (often called ‘theme-based learning’) are “child abuse and obesity, drugs, cancer, animal neglect, inequal distribution of water in other countries”, etc. She proudly states that the children have been ‘taking action’ on those issues.

It cannot be denied. IB is NOT a skills-based program, but a course in political activism on an international scale; a course that leads the children into doing the bidding of the UN, helping the UN to achieve the UN’s global political goals under the guise of ‘international mindedness’.

In this video, hear a parent regurgitate the chilling facts about IB; for example children won’t just learn the properties of water, but will be exposed to the greater purpose of the lesson which are the political implications of water as it is in supply in the world and what they should do about it.