I serve on the House Education Committee and we are currently holding a bill that would allow the parents in a district that implements IB to move (with their tax dollars) to another school without IB.   The bill is not going to pass as written so we are amending it in the next 2 weeks.  I believe the amendment will be along the lines of requiring NO district to implement a program of instruction that would subvert the authority of the State Board of Education to be the governing authority of the public school.  We are also looking at the possibility of allowing taxpayers who live in a district that DO implement IB to file a warrant article in a future District Meeting that would allow the simple majority to vote OUT the IB programme.

The next hearing date will be in early March (after the legislative break).  Watch the statehouse calendar for House Bill 1403

You can email me directly at gregory.hill@leg.state.nh.us

Another possible solution is the Tax Credit Scholarship legislation that Sen Jim Forsythe and I have worked on for the past 12 months.  It should pass the House and Senate but we are not positive of the Governor.  The Dept of Education has spoken in favor of the bill which is a great thing.   This would give parents the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to take their kids out of their current public school and go to A) another public school or B) a private school or C) home school.  The bill number is HB 1607 and there is a companion Senate Bill that is identical.


Rep Greg Hill
Northfield, NH