Renowned author Charlotte Iserbyt will be on radio tomorrow at 8:00 AM Pacific Time/11:00 AM Eastern Time.

While working in the Department of Education in the Reagan administration what she found was worthy of writing a book that is twice the size of your old telephone book…

She was so shocked by a particular section of a grant she saw that she decided to leak the whole grant to Human Events. However, prior to leaking it, and knowing she would be fired for doing so, she removed all the incriminating documents she found and took them to her apartment. She then gets fired. Then she writes the President Reagan and tell him what’s going on in the [U.S.] Department [of Education]. And she said, “You would be shocked if you knew! This place has got to be shut down, etc.”

It was a long letter. She explained everything; that the U.S. Department of Education is a Marxist factory designed to destroy any semblance of good values, academics, etc. and to make sure our children march blindly into a Socialist/Communist World Government! That’s the goal of the U.S. Department of Education!

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